"Champions of Magic" Gala Show
"Incredible Welcome Reception"
"A Surprise Guest"
"Awesome Swag Bags"
Adult Stage Contest Winner Captain Jim and Shelby
"America's Most Wanted"
"Lectures & Workshops"
"Gaston is Addicted to Magic!"
The MATB Team
"All-Star Cabaret Show"
"Let the Fun Begin"

Magic at the Beach, 5 Great Years

Welcome to Magic at the Beach, South Carolina's Premiere Magic Convention. If you were able to attend one or all of our events, we thank you for your support. When we started Magic at the Beach, our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind magic experience. It was like a well scripted magic show; we kicked things off with a great opening party, followed up with fun and surprises throughout the weekend, then finished our event with the big finale, the "Champions of Magic" Gala Show.

We tried to make everything as professional and organized as possible, it was an incredible learning experience. Other conventions took notice, adopting many of our ideas and concepts. While other magic conventions were dropping out, we continued to grow.

Organizing an event like Magic at the Beach is a tremendous amount of work. In the end, we did not get the support we had hoped for. At this time we have decided not to schedule an event for 2015. We will take a year off, regroup and decide how we want to move forward. Thanks again for your support and we hope to see you again in the future.

The Magic at the Beach Team